Walking Museum
Project : Walking Museum (AR)

What is Walking Museum AR App?

Are you part of the cultural and/or entertainment sector? Do you want to use AR technology to enhance your art and the experience for your audience? Then this case will be of interest to you!

Painted characters coming to life? Sounds like black magic, but in reality it was made possible thanks to modern technology and our team at One XR! In this - Walking Museum project we used the digital technology of augmented reality to add a digital 2D and 3D layer to our human reality.

This enabled painted objects to come to life through the Walking Museumapplication that anyone with a smartphone can download for free.

Walking Museum brings famous paintings by Flemish 16th century artists from museums all over the world back to their place of origin. The project was launched in 2021 in Damme, a charming medieval city near Bruges, where first three reproductions of famous masterpieces by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: “The Dutch Proverbs”, “Mad Meg” and “The Battle Between Carnival and Lent” tell you the story of local hero Tijl Uilenspiegel. In September 2022 the walking route will be extended with an additional 7 paintings. The app has had over more than 20.000 downloads and positive reviews ever since its launch!
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How we did it:
Client's Needs
We first discussed with the OAF team which results they wanted to achieve by the use of AR and made a detailed design concept of the project.
Material collection
Once we understood what the OAF team needed the project to be like, we gave precise instructions in what format we needed to receive the required materials and in which areas we could help create the content if needed.
We developed a software environment that synchronizes AR with the performance on a screen. Two devices were needed for this; a laptop for playing the video and a mobile device reproducing the augmented reality.
The synchronization in space was done with the aid of markers.
Debugging of UI & UX
This process was all about making the technology easy to use. The importance of this was to allow viewers to enjoy live events instead of concentrating on the complexity of the technology.
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