Barni WebAR experience
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Interactive Baking Experience: Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Barni Bakery through our AR project, where you can learn to bake biscuits alongside a friendly bear companion. Pour flour, control a drone above the bowl, and crack eggs and milk for a truly engaging and interactive cooking adventure.

Discover the Joy of Simple Ingredients: Our AR project highlights the essence of Barni biscuits by emphasizing the use of simple ingredients. As you navigate through the virtual baking process, you'll witness firsthand how these ingredients come together to create delicious treats.

Step into the Whimsical World of Barni Bakery in AR: Cook Biscuits with Bear Friend and Discover the Joy of Simple Ingredients!

Engaging and Funny Experience: Get ready for laughter and entertainment as you embark on this engaging and amusing AR project. The playful interactions and humorous elements make the experience enjoyable for all ages, enhancing the brand's storytelling and connection with the audience.

From Concept to Creation: This project was meticulously crafted from scratch at every stage, showcasing the dedication and creativity of the team behind it. Experience the result of their hard work and innovation as you dive into the world of Barni Bakery in AR.

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