Cinzano Museum
VR presentation app

Immerse yourself in the essence of each era with the Cinzano Birthday VR Museum app, where you can explore and experience the vibrant atmosphere that defined Cinzano throughout its rich history.

Celebrate Cinzano's 260th Anniversary by stepping into the immersive world of our VR presentation, specially designed to honor this significant milestone in Cinzano's history.

Step into the Cinzano Time Machine: Celebrate 260 Years with our Cinzano Birthday
VR Museum App

Experience a meticulously crafted journey as our team at OneXR has carefully selected music, effects, and posters, transporting you back in time and creating an authentic and captivating ambiance.

Pay tribute to Cinzano's legacy as we bring their 260-year history to life through an interactive VR experience, allowing you to delve into the brand's cultural significance and witness its remarkable evolution over time.

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